So, there’s this dude…

22 08 2009

… whose name is Steve Oman! Oman! His name is Oman! How, what, why?! What does that even mean!? How did his parents come up with that name??

Apparently, there are 2500-odd unique last-name-Oman people in the USA. That’s pretty rare and pretty odd if you ask me.

The point of this post? Nothing!! 🙂


Overheated shaved balls

1 08 2009

“Overheated; Shaved Balls” should be the proper heading. A snide comment on importance of punctuation.

In what has got to be the silliest post ever on this blog, I just obtained 2 mouse balls, shaved one of them, scraped it, shined it and then took pictures to post here. Oh Lawd, Help Me!

And in one of the randomest ever follow ups, my poor li’l itsy bitsy car got overheated the other day. Turns out I’d been ohdriving it on low water for the past month and the steam buildup + a weak spot in a tinny rubber pipe (covered with red tape in pic) burst, allowing the car to run without any water for a good part of my journey from Athaibah to Ghubrah, resulting in the automatic shutdown shutting down the car at Ghubrah r/a, then me taking it to a corner and opening the hood to see tonnes of steam everywhere, my wifey mildly scalding her hand & it taking me the good part of 40 minutes to release all the steam from the engine, letting it cool down, filling it with water (almost 4-5 litres worth, excluding the reservoirs), getting the water gurgled all out, refilling it and then racing back home, forgetting all the chores which I was out for.

OMG!! I’ll  explode from the randomness of this post!!!


By The Order of Zion

5 05 2009

Undercover Dragon from Suburban from Muscati has a nice piece on the Zionist Conspiracy uncovered by Essa Zajdali in the Times of Oman.

According to Essa, This whole Piracy nonsense was set up by the Jews to shut down the shipping lanes through the Suez Canal, thereby Financially Choking an already poor Egypt, and destabilizing THE ENTIRE ARAB WORLD!!!!!

Join me in applauding Essa Al Zedjali, Editor in Chief of the Times of Oman, for using front page space, on World Press Freedom Day to help spread ingnornace and hatred throughout the world with his Crazed, Psychotic, Paranoid rant on the evils of Israeli/Somali Piracy.

What an ass.

UD has this little nugget for us:

Does Essa actually read this stuff? Or is he perhaps on life support and this is his henchmen / apparatchiks under the pay of…. someone else?

Some might call him a towering monument to the level of intellectual public debate we have here in the Omani press.

However, I think one of his apparatchiks has stumbled onto our humble blogosphere and managed to even read something which *shudder* common people are saying. “T” says:

He is a man that we do not agree with, but that should not stop him from writing. Why do you guys pick on him only when jews are the center of his story?? He writes lots of non sense!!!!!

He worked hard (smart) enough to own a newspaper, what did you bunch of losers do?? Clap a hand for running a blog.

His analysis is stupid, but there are people who love what he writes and that is why he writes it, simple.
I say Mr. Essa write whatever you wanna write and leave these losers shaking there heads.

T, yup there are people who love what he writes but there are even more people who don’t love what he writes. And since he writes for the masses, I think he should actually try and see what people/paper readers think of his writing and

Mr. T

Mr. T - Google Says So!

incorporate that feedback in his writings. If he wants to write stupid things, tell him to start a blog!

The problem is that he is a senior editor of a widely-circulated paper of the Sultanate. The quality of his writing is, for good or worse, considered a reflection of the people reading the paper, and in general, a reflection of the people. If we are thought to be reading and accepting such drivel, we are all thought to be weirdos. Sadly, that we are not. and even more sadly, I don’t accept being represented as an idiot.

Do ALL the people in Iran spew Anti-America rhetoric at every opportunity? No! But the international community thinks so because the most visible person, the Iranian President, does so. So his actions become a representation of the common mindset. Zadjali is a very visible guy. So he should be a better reflection of the (intellectual) masses of his readers. He has even said that Hitler was justified in his actions against the Jews. Do we all agree? O_o

After all, a news paper should be a bit more intelligent than its most intelligent reader, otherwise its not worth reading.

As for us little chipmunks, we’re running blogs ‘coz we know better than to stuff our stupid li’l opinion down people’s throats. There are other people for that!