28 05 2009

Seems that in their astoundingly successful quest to achieve the lowest form of distorted truths and moral values possible, people living across the mountainous borders have once again numbed my senses and rendered me speechless, hapless, unable to move, respond or cry/laugh. The only possible response that I can evoke at a time like this are zangjillion thanks to the-powers-that-be that I am not living, forced to live, or planning to live in that country anytime in the foreseeable future.

A court in SA has ruled that the testimony of pigeon-breeders is inadmissable in court. And to justify the ruling, the esteemed personality added that this was because pigeon-breeding was an act of the people of ‘Lut. Google-translate, in all its wisdom tranlsates this to “…because pigeon-breeding was an act of sodomites”. Furthermore, the presence of these birds on rooftops reveals the presence of houses of sins!

God! Just typing that has again numbed half my neurons and threatened to fry the rest!!

Original and Google Translate Version:

شهادة مربي الحمام غير جائزة

Pigeon breeders testimony inadmissible

عبد الله المقاطي ـ ظلم Abdullah Almqati injustice
أكد لـ «عكاظ» عضو هيئة كبار العلماء الدكتور صالح السدلان أن شهادة مربي الحمام أمام القضاء غير جائزة، وقال «إن شهادة مربي الحمام مرفوضة شرعا؛ لأن اللعب بهذا الطائر كان من فعل قوم لوط، إضافة إلى أن القائم على هذه المهنة يعتلي أسطح المنازل ويكشف عورات البيوت»، لكنه استدرك «إن تربية الحمام للاستثمار شيء طبيعي ولا غضاضة فيها».

He told «Okaz» Member of the senior scientists, Dr. Saleh Alsdlan pigeon enthusiasts that the testimony inadmissible in court, and said «The Certificate of pigeon enthusiasts religiously unacceptable; play because this bird was the work of the sodomites, in addition to that based on these dot the rooftops of profession reveals SINS houses », he added« The pigeon is natural to invest in the no objection ».
I don’t fark on SA. Infact I seethe, burn, ponder and rant on my own, but I won’t fark on it. Because it is so skullnumbing that the people who wrestled control over the world’s most resource-rich country, who have control of the undividedly holiest places in the Muslim world, who are center to Mecca, Medina, the general area of hijaz, who were handed over the holiest relics of the fastest-growing religion in the world…. they are nimbnomcoops.. and that too an extent that is unmatchable. Infact, I believe that it is going to be a very close contest of moral stupidity between the Taliban and these people.
But then again, Bin Laden is a Saudi national!
My anger is not over this case of pigeon breeders, I just thought that I’d post this cause it was in the ‘funny’ category. But just thinking about the mechanisms that bring such people and such judgments to fruition are the cause of my neurotic aneurysm. Dead expats, torture cases, pedophilia, rampant social and moral vices, flagrant disregard for the law, stupid laws itself, corruption, homo-hetro rape…ergh! C’mon,  “Custodians of the Holy Mosques”?, I’d not let you custode my dead cat, let alone the Holy Mosques!
I must stop before I really do burst an artery.

Oye, I’ll jum…..AAaaahhhhh!!!

25 05 2009

Hahha! One of those news items which divides the discussions wherein the participants immediately take one of the two available sides and a good talk ensues. Some people go, “ROFL! Cool move dude” and others go “Tch Tch, he shouldn’t have”.

The problem is, both are right.

In China, Chen got involved in a construction project, accrued some 2 mill yuan in debt, climbed the bridge and contemplated suicide. But like the weakling he was (is) insted of doing it properly without any fuss, he just sat there, got the authorities alerted, traffic blocked and generally made a ruckus (and a fool of himself).

Lai, who is 66 years old, and I believe has a lot of common sense, volunteered to ‘negotiate’ with Chen and get him down. Police refused but Lei got to Chen anyway.

Lai met Chen, greeted him, shook his hand and pushed the idiot off the ledge… all the way down… 26 feet… onto an emergency inflatable mattress.

Lai was later released on bail. ‘It is said’ he was on medication and was going to get his pills when he was pissed off by the blocked traffic on the bridge and solved the problem, instead of avoiding it.

Chen, is still in jail, and is unable to decide what to do next as he has added one more thing to his list of failures –  he can’t even commit suicide properly!!




Blame McDonalds…

12 05 2009

… however, on second thoughts, I think that is too harsh of a headline!

This article takes a report from here and discusses the central reason for the downfall of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in Sri Lanka.

Basically, consider a fighting force of rebels, so powerful that they manage to hold at bay a national army that has the unofficial support of India & the UK. But still, the Tamils manage to fight and all for a silver of land up north.

But fight they did. Ever since the early 80s, the Sri Lankan forces have been trying, off and on, to declare the dossier closed, but to no avail.  But now, the rebels have been cornered in their last stringhold and the military has launched a full scale offensive and things seem good for the govt, bad for the rebels.

But how?How on earth did this happen to such a ruthless fighting force, led by a master-strategist like Velupillai Prabhakaran? Surely it can’t be anything the Sri Lankans have done – they’ve been fighting without success against the guerrilla group for decades. Why, even the Indian Army couldn’t do much against these suicidal guys.No, the blame for the LTTE’s great debacle lies squarely on the well-padded shoulders of Prabhakaran himself. The simple but awful truth is that he has committed the most heinous sin a guerrilla can ever commit —

*drum roll please*

He has become fat.

O_O          WTF!!

He even explains!!

Leading a sedentary life in the jungles of northern Sri Lanka, the LTTE leader often found time hanging heavily on his hands. Like so many of us, Prabhakaran succumbed to the temptation of eating the hours away. Starting with jackfruit and pumpkin idlis, he moved on to jaggery dosas and sweet pongal rice, though he soon abandoned these patriotic recipes for more sinful savouries. Cakes and ice-cream followed and some say he even dumped rasam for sweet French sauces. But it was when he started on chocolates and Black Forest cakes that the bulge really began to grow and soon he was the proud possessor of the largest revolutionary paunch in history.



This isn’t the first time, though, that a revolution has failed because its leader became too fat. […] The Shining Path band of Maoist guerrillas used to terrorise Peru in the nineties, before their leader, Abimael Guzman, was captured.. […] Imagine the surprise of the Peruvian army when they saw[…]a baby-faced, pudgy professor […]nobody, not even a Peruvian peasant, would want to fight for such a ridiculously fat man.

What if…!?

Would Che Guevara have become such a romantic rebel if he had chubby cheeks and a double chin? Would the Russian Revolution have happened with an over-fed Lenin? And is Osama bin Laden in hiding because he’s scared the Americans will get him, or is it because he has become so fat that he can no longer conceal his tummy under his robes?

Hahha! Maybe we can credit McDonalds for quelling rebellions and civil wars! 🙂


Just Noticed…

16 04 2009

This is not new news, maybe a new review of an old news, but still not new, just something I noticed now. Better late than ever, eh.

This site has an article that is pretty pointed about the Doha Summit that took place recently. Whilst I shall not comment on the other things, this statement strikes me as pretty odd:

This year’s Arab League summit meeting, held in Doha, capital of Qatar, was intended to promote Inter-Arab reconciliation following Israel’s violent invasion of Gaza at the end of last year. A united front was also sought to take a stand against the spread of Shi’ism sponsored by Iran.

Huh?! A united front against spread of Shi’ism? Why? Is religious freedom wrong on an Arab level now? Or is it just that Shi’ites are a particularly nasty brand of  species? Searching for appropriate texts on the Doha Summit, I could not find any news that corroborates this statement. Of course, I could go and try and read through the transcript of the meeting, but not now.

Still, are such things still discussed at head of state level meetings? “Oil, Economy, Israel, and oh yeah, lets also do something about this 15% of the population”. Okay, our brotherly northerly neighbours have had an official stance against these people. Saddam also officially took offence. Persecution of Shi’ites is nothing new, but still.

*shaking head in wonder*


Terrorism or Sectarianism?

13 04 2009

It is clear that the only thing in common between the Pakistani Shia community and Western diplomats based in Islamabad is that they both face a common threat. Like Western diplomats, the Pakistani Shia community is increasingly being targeted by suicide bombers and other terrorist and militant organizations in urban regions of Pakistan.Since the beginning of 2009, three major suicide attacks have targeted Shia religious gatherings in Pakistani cities causing dozens of deaths. Two of these suicide bombings took place in the small towns of Dera Ghazai Khan and Chakwal in the Punjab; both towns have a large Shia community and a history of sectarian tension. The third suicide attack took place in the small town Dera Ismail Khan in the North-West Frontier Province [NFWP] which borders Pakistan’s tribal areas, and where sectarian tensions have recently reached alarming levels. Another took place in Peshawar.

Suicide bombings are not the only threat to the Shia community in Pakistan; the Taliban have also led armed attacks against Shia communities in remote areas. Shia religious organizations claim that eight prominent Shia leaders and public figures have been assassinated in various parts of the country since the beginning of 2009 (also in 2000, 2001 and 2003).

Since the establishment of the Pakistani state in 1947, the Shia community has attained all the characteristics of a religious minority in the Sunni dominated country. They have separate religious institutions and ceremonies that evolved over centuries in the Indian subcontinent, and they also maintain a distinct religious identity, despite the fact that they have never been declared an official religious minority in Pakistan

Many people maintain that while the aim of the Taliban are not Shias, they offer an easy target. Moreover, the financiers and management of the al-Qaeda hardliners are strict followers of the Sunni faith, which has its differences with the Shias. So if al-Qaeda can whip a woman for going out with her father-in-law, they can very well kill Shias for being a Shia.

The problem is not a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. There are numerous instances and lists online of targetted killings, individual and group violence, that seem targetted against this miniority.

There are objections on the Shias about garnering support from Iran. Indeed, in the 1970s, when the then-ruler of Pakistan Ayub Khan announced sweeping religious laws, the Shias were able to gain religious exceptions (basedon their beliefs) with ample support from Khomeni & the Iranian Regime.

However, thers emerges this disturbing pattern amongst the terrorism in Pakistan.