Michael Jackson – Too Good, Too Soon?

28 06 2009
Didn't get back up this time

...didn't manage to get back up this time around...

So, seems like MJ really is dead. Cardiac arrest, followed by an hour of resuscitation, but to no avail. Again, Muslims/Islam managed to tick some people off when a news channel censored Jermain Jackson’s press conference’s ending statements, where he said “May Allah be with you, Michael, always,”. Jermaine is an announced Muslim (taking the name Abdul Aziz) whilst rumors surfaced about MJ while he was in Bahrain.

I was really surprised about ToO’s news yesterday about Jackson being in Oman, esp on the personal invitation of The Essa Zadjali. But since I was not in Oman at that time (a university had hired me to study for them. Tried to resign tonnes of times but they wouldn’t let me. I had a negative salary of 250 RO/m), and there was no media coverage that I recall, so I was genuinely surprised. And then the cheesy shot of Essa & MJ with an Omani cap in MJ’s hand. Wonder what the motive was!!?

Surprisingly, again, there has been very little bile in the media so far. Frankly, I expected more. Most of it is subtle, tepid “such unfulfilled promise,” “remember what he was, not what he became,” “I loved him as a child star”, bot-man genius” et. al. Unfulfilled promise? Every LP was a masterpiece, (or atleast a best-seller).  Remember what he was, not what he became? He wasn’t a model, he was a singer and songwriter, and pretty good one at that: up there with Elvis & The Beatles in rankings. & then the condescending: he was so sweet! So precocious! Yeah? And “Smooth Criminal” is one of the greatest pieces of music of all time which I personally like. So is Billie Jean & Thriller is the best selling album of all time.

Celebrity statements are pouring in. There are tonnes of them here. Mostly repetitive though, but shows you the people who knew him. I expected more on Farah Fawcett!!

Funeral arrangements are next. Expectations are to get the body Tuesday & have something ready by then or Wednesday. Oooo! Like to see the media got batshit crazy over this one, just like they did for Diana & Elvis. I regularly want something like this (not someone dying, but some one/thing to waver, even if for an instant, like Anna Nicole) to see the media instantly stain their pants. I mean they instantly go all ga-ga and start dripping! Wow! Really talks volumes about their professionalism and sense of perspective.

So I end this here with a RIP for the man who really didn’t matter if he were black or white, coz he gave us a thriller of a ride as long as he lasted off the wall, with his dangerous defiance of cultural norms. He did rock my world once, then fell out of my life, but doesn’t take away from his history, which was not bad, btw; I still remember the time. After all, no one can beat it like the King of Pop did. Poor thing, managed to be gone too soon. Guess this is it then!


Leftist Laughs

24 06 2009

… and then there were leftist cartoons…

Can cartoons be leftist? Well, they sure can, as Barry has shown. And not that only, the satirical content, whilst not so hidden as to be subtly satirical, is out there and brazenly displayed for everyone to see.

The US is promoting democracy in more places than that…


Our North Northerly Neighbours

20 04 2009

Iran. The bad boy to the Western hemisphere. The injured and wounded but resilient, emerging and on-the-cusp-of-power  nation to its people. The country that the world is wary of. Whilst Iran has no overt friends, Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria tend to display a soft corner. But not the Arab League. But then again, Oman was represented at the Head of State session by deputy Prime Minister Oman Sayyid Fahd Bin Mahmoud Al-Said. Local coverage was also low-key.

Post-summit, diplomatic cross-linkings are going on. The Iranian FM visited us back in March. Lieutenant-General Malik bin Sulaiman Al Ma’amari, IG ROP visited Iran. The official statement noted the cooperation of both the countries in curbing illegal immigrancy.

Our ambassador in Iran then met the Iranian Deputy FM, groundwork was layed, followed up by the visit of our Minister for Foreign Affairs visiting Iran this week. He met the Iranian President and Iranian FM. Again, local papers are wary of covering this piece, instead Iranian and other news agencies are reporting on the same.

The ongoing Egyptian stand against the Hezbullah is something over the top for the region. Egypt’s miniscule, but far-reaching activities, like closing the border, allowing/disallowing refugees, prohibiting imprmput markets along its borders etc etc are like small squeezes and nuances in the diplomacy and internally (within Arab League) varied levels of support for the Palestinian cause. Iran, of course, retaliated.

Bu now we see SA being its usual self, aloof. Egypt tried to make a move, but currently nothing is coming out of it. Iran; I get a mental image of an Australian rugby player; continues on it’s path. Obama is reconciling and I think the American/Iranian journalist could be freed in a reciprocal manner being the Iranian reply to Obama’s green signals, that is, IF Iran wants to give a green signal. Oman, doing good in its own way in this matter. After all, with all due respect, our North Northerly Neighbours better than our Notherly ones.

-The Fark Knight

Religious Neutrality

12 04 2009

The Legal Intelligencer has an article which reports about a Muslim police officer in Philadelphia who has lost her case to wear her headscarf while on duty. The legal opinion (pdf) of the court “ruled that forcing the department to accommodate her would compromise the city’s interest in maintaining “religious neutrality” in its police force.

The court stated that “the essential values of impartiality, religious neutrality, uniformity, and the subordination of personal preference would be severely damaged to the detriment of the proper functioning of the police department.”

A feature here is that Kimberlie Webb did not want to cover he face, or wear a full-body abaya over her uniform, instead “she intended to wear the lower portion of the khimar tucked inside her police shirt and to wear her police hat. Although some Muslim women also cover their faces, leaving only a slit for their eyes, Webb said she was not seeking to do so.” As opposed to this case where a Muslim woman wanted to get her mugshot taken with her face hidden. (That is a story within itself. The lady killed a 2 year old by repeating beatings. When she was arrested, wanted her mugshot with her face hidden and when it was removed forcibly, it became a case of The West v/s Islam & now her husband is making havoc over breach of rights. Who cares about a dead baby!)

But “Webb was told that wearing a khimar would violate Philadelphia Police Department Directive 78, because nothing in the directive authorizes the wearing of religious symbols or clothing as part of the uniform.”

What bugs my bugger is the quintessential meaning of “religious symbols”. France’s banning of the headscarf in schools makes the headscarf a religious symbol. Also students remove necklaces, yarmulke/kippahs and other symbols. Now what about, forex, Sikhs. Sikh men wear a steel bracelet (kara) (they also carry a knife, though only devouts do now). Now if we see a guy wearing a steel bracelet in school or at work, is that a personal article of decoration (jewellery) or is that a religious symbol. What if I invent a religion that has a basic tenet that “Thou shalt not be allowed to show your body from your neck till your knees and your elbows. This has to be covered by a cotton cloth covering”. My devout followers shall wear cotton shirts/sweaters/t-shirts etc. Now, shall these governments force them to go shirtless? Remove the religious symbol? They should. And then again, who defines what a religion is and what is its symbol? Is a religion defined by the existence of a Central Religious Society? # of followers? Is Jainism a religion for them (because it is small in # of followers) or Bahai’ism? Or Mormonism?



Stolen-stolen Divorce Agreement

8 04 2009

Sabra has posted a divorce agreement that she has “borrowed” from Michelle Malkin’s blog this commenter. Whilst I’m not quoting the whole thing here, I’ll take excerpts and rant about it.


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The Bow-bama

7 04 2009

The Morning Herald (Sydney) has, like others, reported the Obama Bow. But it is their collection of narcissistic conservative commentors’ comments that makes me mention them here.

It really is surprising that such people are labelled ‘commentors’. Well, they are commenting, but if you know that all you are going to get from this so-and-so person is going to be raw, unedited brain-puke, why evenbother. That’s kinda like calling Fox News a news channel or calling Bill O Reilly a newscaster!

Or maybe even calling the Times of Oman a ‘mainstream source of your daily dose of news from around the country’.

edit: Is there no other photo? I mean did the photographer have the capture this angle??