Oman # 50 in NRI 2008-09 (2)

7 04 2009

Day before yesterday, I posted about Oman’s readiness in the Network Readiness Index. Today, after re-reading it at MC’s place, I started to comment. And as it often happens, the comment blossomed into this post.

50th is a good place to be, atleast overall. After all, it is a ‘Global’ survey. But there are little things that bug me. E.g. scale of things. India is 54 but look at its size. Balloon Oman to a billion people and then where do we stand? Does the report that that into account? Even if the economies of scale are not in use here, what about the economies-of-having-oil-money-and-being-a-rich-country? Similarly the fact that being 50 out of 134, if worthy of mention, will be celebrated, rather than considered a starting point to improve upon. 96% mobile penetration is good, but 13% internet penetration? Does that tell us about the user-level or Internet prices?

And then there are the highlights. Inidvidual things that make me go aargh.

(Report Consideration point followed by Oman’s ranking in that aspect out of 134)

Number of procedures to enforce a contract, 2008*: 127

We are worse-er than 126 countries when we need to enforce a contract! Does that mean our contracts are more secure since they are oh-so-whetted and checked and cross-checked? How many of you have even defended your contract in a legal battle? Isn’t the house rent contract a contract? Do I have anything in my defense? Has MM managed to stop my landlord from raising the rent from 300 to 500 rials for the same 3-bed apartment?

Availability of new telephone lines: 88

Huh?? Its 2009.

Quality of math and science education: 83

Explains why Omanis are being forced into being drivers, shopkeepers and barbers (planned).

High-speed monthly broadband subscription, 2006: 79

I was expecting worse, wishing for better.

But then there are good things:

Burden of government regulation: 7
Extent and effect of taxation: 7
Total tax rate, 2007: 11

Makes me pity my friends who were earning more in the states when they were illegal!

Residential telephone connection charge, 2006: 18

Government prioritization of ICT: 46
Gov’t procurement of advanced tech products: 22
Importance of ICT to government vision of the future: 21
E-Government Readiness Index, 2008: 76

Who they asked that from?

Makes me scratch my head, go arrgh, praise the govt. and say I-told-you-so at the same time.


Oman # 50 in NRI 2008-09

5 04 2009

The NRI (network Readiness Index) is a ranking of market, political, regulatory and infrastructure environment; individual, business and government readiness for ICT and individual, business and government usage of ICT.

It also involves # of PCs, mobiles, information communication freedom (uh-oh), internet connectivity and other things.

Oman is ranked # 50 out of 137 countries.

The list is headed by (as usual) Denmark, Swededn and the US in 1,2,3. The whole report can be seen here (pdf).

(src: News Int)