Mixing it up…

1 07 2009


… at the ROP traffic police office in Qurum. The window, for women only, being ‘manned’ by women, had 2 male customers! OTOH, he ‘did’ have his wife/a female with him, I suppose.

Lately, I’ve noticed that seeing the tiny queues and exclusive counters for women, some men just melt into the background and send the womenfolk to get whatever done. I’ve seen this happening at ticket counters and a lot at govt. offices. What gives? Is this ok?

P.S. Is it allowed to take photos in govt. public service offices?


Last Piece… Really!

9 06 2009

I’ve been on the prowl for a fountain for my room for quite sometime. I guess I like the tinkling sounds. The indoor fountains that I like are either too large for the space I have allotted for ’em, or I don’t like the ones that fit. I’m getting so desperate that I’ve even started having ideas of making my own. The situation is so bad that I’ve even scoured Ruwi and located the shops from where I shall get all the raw materials. Now only to get my (not so) fat ass and decide something.

During the course of my hunt, saw this gem @ Home Center:

Honey, if you see real closely, there are 2 of them...

Honey, if you see real closely, there are 2 of them...

I guess someone pre-anticipated a sale.


Something’s Burning…

9 06 2009

Apparently Bahwan is in the process of converting the to-date peaceful area of Wadi Kabir into yet another place with 8:00 am/6:00 pm blocked traffic, too many people and weird activities going on at strange hours. This is about the 2 huge apartment complexes that are under construction there (for the past 8 months atleast).

So, apart from the trucks and cranes and cement mixers and 24/7 work under night-lights, there are lots of people too. The workers have to be ferried to-and-from and Bahwan uses those huge buses for that purpose. Come weekend, the buses are conveniently parked on the rocky area that comes after Wadi Kabir residential area and before the Golden Horse at the entrance to the Bustan Road.

So, whilst coming/going to/from work, I notice these 3 buses standing there for a couple of days. I remember noticing them, coz they are not so new, but are larrge and are seemingly randomly parked (not in a row or anything). Then, come Sunday, I see a very typical after-riot scene, very common in countries where riots occur, but so out of place here, the buses are burnt!

Apparently, somewhere between Thursday and Sunday, some sort of an accident occurred with one of them (as evident by its state) and the other two, parked nearby, were caught up in the blaze and suffered side effects. My theory is that some aerosol or something else left inside exploded due to the heat, somewhere near the petrol tank n all.

And That’s that..

Anyone knows the backstory?


’tis getting hot-ter in here… so take off (uh uh)

1 06 2009

There is a typical suspicion of  all negative-event-monitoring-official agencies in the region. Naturally. The built-in GCC-ian deafult settings to always see a rosy picture, even if false, is so overriding as to be numbing sometimes.

So, naturally, seeing the heat-mini-boom the last couple of days, Fujairah officially announcing a recorded temperature of 50.2 celcius, and the local official mercury levels still not rising above 50 celcius has naturally raised concerns.

For my part, I officially lay these two questions on the table:

– Will the govt. officially announce the temperature if it measures it to be above 50 celcius?

– What abnormal ‘measures’ shall be taken countrywide in such a case?

Obviously, I’m not expecting the Ministry of Interior to come commenting on my blog!

In the meantime, another juicy tidbit offered up from our car’s thermo:


Maybe we can set a panic threshold realtive to my car’s thermometer.


’tis getting hot in here… so take off (uh uh uh uh)

30 05 2009

My attempt at paraphrasing..*face palm*

After forgiving me for that headline, forgive me for destroying all credibility of my cellphone’s camera and my photo taking abilities by posting the following:


So, this was on Thursday at around 12:30 am-ish, returning from work. And whilst the temperature* was an ass-whooping 52 Celsius, I was more interested in the lowest temperature. According to the graphing abilities of our ride, from 12 am to about 7am it was 44 C, which, I might add, is not cool.

Imagine all the Europeans brought here for just one season, har har. If temperatures of 36 Celsius are a ‘exceptionally extreme heat wave’, I wonder if they’ll die just seeing the temperature readout.

Speaking of Europeans, what’s with the lack of water-activities here. I mean, in Britain, it got to 36 C, and half the country stripped to bare-minimum required clothes and splashed in fountains everywhere, why can’t we do that here? Is there some law against splashing in the fountain?

Not that we have many splash in, but we do have some nice ones. Esp. the ones at the Burj Al-Sahwa park, or Rose Gardens’ (not the waterfall though. I’m in awe of there those water pumps’ pumping power). And then there is the obvious lack of water parks, fresh water-knee high pools, openable fire-hydrants (would the water there be cool, or boiling like residental from-overhead-tank-tap water?) or even a simple pier that allows running and jumping into  reasonably deep water at the beach. God, we have no diving facilities at ‘any’ of the most-visited public beaches even. The cliff at Qantab used to do that, but I haven’t seen what’s become of it in the recent past, after all the development n all.

Booo… I guess it’s going to be Sultan center and City Center after all…. booring….


*temperature, like all other things, is variable as per many factors and methods that can be used for measuring it. The temp as displayed by my trusty (white-colored) ride is by no means incorrect, nor misleading, but it is not what would be called ‘standardized’ reading by the Met. dept. They have a set of procedures and processed that dictate where the thermometer can be placed, how high from the ground, in shade/in direct sunlight/in a windy area/in an area with lot of reflective surfaces/in and around a black box etc etc etc. If I had a black set of wheels, or heavily tinted glass, I’m sure it’ be a tad bit higher.

Rise of the Clones

30 05 2009

Whilst enjoying the sunny weather on a jaywalking jaunt through the environs of Wadi Kabir, I passed by the Toyota camp mosque that is there. Expecting to find a shortcut through the parking lot of the same, I stumbled upon a cache of spit-shiny 1985/1990 model toyota 4WDs.

I saw them from afar, went inside the lot, looked around for security, inspected the vehicles, their cleanliness, their having no sunshade or any protection from the sun. I even went ahead and peeked into one to see if I could discern signs of them being in regular use, but no. Either they were being driven by ghosts or the Omani drivers driving them were oh-so-clean as to be freaky.


And y’know, I made a point of driving by that mosque twice that week… they were still there and still untouched as always. For all I know they are still there.

Do they get up at night and move about, returning to mere cars in the mornings?



Cats can be SO dramatic…

5 05 2009


Manmo3 Al-Rafraf

3 05 2009

Did I write that correctly?

Someone needs to have copying, signwriting and arabic lessons!!! Not exactly the most difficult sign in the world.


ﻤﻨﻤﻮﻉ ﺍﻟﺮﻓﺮﻒ   or  ﻣﻣﻨﻮﻉ ﺍﻟﻮﻘﻮﻑ

Spotted on the wall of the building, besides the entry gate just before Tropical drinks-place in Ruwi.


Ultra-Secure Security

23 04 2009

ATMs are appearing a lot. This is good. Generally. But not when those bank people have to construct a structure just for the ATM. Why not incorporate it in a building? A standalone structure is fine where is is space and requirement and no adequate building nearby, e.g. Petrol stations. (However, even there, BM mananges to put them inside an available convenience store.)

The Khimji’s store in Wadi Kabir has one such eyesore sitting smack int he centre of the building facade. That ATM has, for security purposes, a surveillance camera pointed at the transactor. Here is how it looks like:
(sorry for the quality, it was quite dark there)

WK_KhimjiATM This thing is wrong on so many levels!

– The camera is pointed at the ATM. It sees the transactor and the transaction. Cameras are supposed to see the transactor only. Why can the bank people see my PIN number as I key it in? They already have access to my account #, personal details and other things. Only my PIN # was mine!

– Notice the wonderful security arrangements wherein the camera cable is exposed! Anyone can approach from the camera’s blind side and snippity snip. Tamper away!

– The physical placement of this ATM room is atrocious.

– Are so many lights really needed on an ATM machine?