Wishing you Eid Sa’eed

17 09 2009

Since I am busy in all the weirdness of my last post, I shall not attempt to obstruct the Alice-in-Wonderland-like activities of mine, waiting instead for an Alice-in-UmbrellaCorp-like activity to end the monotony. Going through the past up & downs, I have assured my self that this blog can indeed survive without me, since my 15-day hiatus did not affect the incoming traffic. This is very good, as I am promised a steady stream of visitors; this is very bad since whatever I write (or don’t) does not have any effect on anything! 😦 I am disappoint!

I shall propose to extend my hiatus, taking advantage of the generous Eid holidays to traverse some borders, see some foreign lands. I hear there is a cold front coming along the Eastern Mediterranean shores, maybe I can use that. *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

After thanking you all my reader for this readership, allowing a glance of interest to fall on this very VERY small persona of mine online, making me sigh in satisfaction or astonishment whenever I see the amount of visitors go up or down by a couple or more.

So, after thanking you for all that, I wish to fall upon you a very happy Eid with blessings and benefits and lots of blog hits and exciting trips and inner satisfaction. Most of all, I wish upon all of you money, health & happiness (as my father says, pick two!).


eid mubarak 461

“I’ll Be Back!”

15 09 2009

Real Life has a way with things. It looks at you, finds you, stops you, pushes you, sneaks up on you, bashed you on the head and then drags you away to where it wants you to be. And currently, Real Life (RL) does NOT want me to blog. I’ve pleaded, begged, hidden from, tried to bypass and even fought it, but it wins. I threatened it once, but then realized that was Not A Good Idea! 🙂

Blog or no blog, life goes on. Things are happening in the world and the world is happening to things. The silly political hoo-ha regarding Obama’s speech, the weird activities of Coalition forces in Iraq & Afghanistan (but why are they called coalition? Why was the word ‘allied’ dropped? How long are they going to come up with similies?), the death of Patrick Swayze, Serena Williams’ tirade at the umpire and more. While The Fark Knight sits in his roller coaster, watching these things zip by, wanting to stop or atleast slow-down to look at them with detail, Real Life wants me to sit tight and go at the pace it wants. I could jump off it and do things at a much slower pace, but the coaster wouldn’t stop. I’ll do that, doncha worry, but when time comes.

Anyway, you don’t do things like that on an empty stomach. 🙂

(Much Belated) Ramadhan Kareeem to all. Remember that there is a person behind this persona. Pray for him in your prayers in The Blessed Nights.



The Bottom Half Divided by 2

5 08 2009

I’m kinda sorta having trouble with work nowadays.

Not with the authorities/company policy, but with a couple of “elements” that take the concept of CYA a bit too far. The general mentality of the ‘little black workers’ to screw up everyone and everything, to let go of all morals and integrity of theirs, but to not let go of the job/post is not something compatible with the likes of me. However, sadly, such things are not things that you raise at the proper level, neither can you do anything about them at your own level, being as inconsequential as they are. But they do have a consequence of pissing me off and making me shake my head at how relative morals are. My father had this gem to pass onto me: “Imagine a person of average intelligence. Imagine how he would be acting. Now imagine that half the world is less intelligent than that.” I’ve read it before, but I still like it everytime I hear it! 🙂


The Bottom Half of the IQ level, divided by 2.


10 weird things…

2 08 2009

…that have happened to me this week/fortnight (inspired by SEwG):

– Whilst bowling at OBC, competing against first-timers, my score was 82. My average score usually is by the 150/160 mark. (I’d promised a training session after the game. It was scrapped).

– I spent about 45 minutes (and 5 rials) in the children’s arcade in the basement of Al-Masa Mall. And I enjoyed it.

– I’m beginning to hate The Week for their silly half-cooked, more-holes-than-swiss-cheese-cover stories.

– I joined a local forum with an anonymous account (I already have a real-life-name account there). I then deleted it without making any posts.

– I saw an accident beneath the airport overhead intersection last night. There were 3 police cars ‘on top’ of the overhead, policemen looking down from above.  The crash involved 3 cars.

– I saw an accident where in a long-haul truck had crushed a tiny daihatsu beneath it (whilst taking its usual huge turn). Turns out the local woman driving the car didn’t notice the truck until her-side window fell onto her lap.stats

– My 42-person department has no woman in it.

– The Select Shop at the nearest Shell station doesn’t have ‘anything’ that is for a 100 bz or less.

– The daily average hits for this blog is roundabout 80. I get 100 on a good day and 30 on a bad one. On 7/7, it received 352 hits.

– I recently managed to smash my watch’s glass by accidentally hitting it against my cellphone, which was in my pocket, while wearing a jeans.

– I haven’t flown since April 2006. That year (Apr05-Apr06), I flew 5 times; 3 times in the year before that, 3 times 03-04, 5 times in 02-03.

– These were 11 facts.


Overheated shaved balls

1 08 2009

“Overheated; Shaved Balls” should be the proper heading. A snide comment on importance of punctuation.

In what has got to be the silliest post ever on this blog, I just obtained 2 mouse balls, shaved one of them, scraped it, shined it and then took pictures to post here. Oh Lawd, Help Me!

And in one of the randomest ever follow ups, my poor li’l itsy bitsy car got overheated the other day. Turns out I’d been ohdriving it on low water for the past month and the steam buildup + a weak spot in a tinny rubber pipe (covered with red tape in pic) burst, allowing the car to run without any water for a good part of my journey from Athaibah to Ghubrah, resulting in the automatic shutdown shutting down the car at Ghubrah r/a, then me taking it to a corner and opening the hood to see tonnes of steam everywhere, my wifey mildly scalding her hand & it taking me the good part of 40 minutes to release all the steam from the engine, letting it cool down, filling it with water (almost 4-5 litres worth, excluding the reservoirs), getting the water gurgled all out, refilling it and then racing back home, forgetting all the chores which I was out for.

OMG!! I’ll  explode from the randomness of this post!!!


Love You Mom!

10 05 2009

From the Hadith of the Cloak:

[…] My son Hasan came in and said : “Peace be on you, mother”

[…] Husain came in and said : “Peace be on you, mother”

[…]Gabriel, the trusted angel, asked : “Who are under the cloak?”

The Almighty answered : “They are the Household of the Prophet and the assets of Prophethood. They are : Fatimah, her father, her husband and her two sons”

I simply follow what my elders did.

Peace be on you Mother.

Love You!