14th August: Pakistan Independence Day

15 08 2009

So, 62 years ago, the British were expelled from the Indina Subcontinent. The Muslims congregated to one side of the place, the Hindus to the other, a demarcation line was set, and 2 countries were born. By raffle luck coin toss arrangement with the British, 14th August was set as the independence day of Pakistan, while India celebrates the 15th.

Great to see how individual people can force entities such as the British Government to leave an area as rich and as fine as the Indian Subcontinent. It was not without reason called The Diamond in the British Empire’s Crown. If they (British) had managed to stay, wonder how things would’ve been now! Atleast we’d be travelling to Europe visa-free! 🙂

1. Pakistan has one of the highest %age of national budget allotted to military uses.
2. Pakistan is USAs biggest non-NATO ally (in terms of military/monetary aid).
3. Pakistan has had more time in military rule than democratically elected governments for any constitutionally democratic country in the world.
4. The Aryan worshippers referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu. This is now the name of the Southernmost province of Pakistan.
5. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which were invented by Muslims.
6. Mughal India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India’s wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake.
7. Pakistan held the world cups for snooker, cricket, hockey, squash, yatching and boxing. All were gained and lost within 4 years.
8. Pakistan’s national sport is hockey, not cricket.
9. Bangladesh was a province of Pakistan till 1971.
10. There are only 2 official border crossings
11. Pakistan grows 20 different varieties of mango. Only 3 are exported.
12. Pakistan is surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, India and China.

Congratulations to people on this side of the border.


ICC T20:We Have a Winner!

22 06 2009

In more ways than one. Having an all-winning team winning something is just continuation. Having an all-losing team t20_world_cup_2009(25)winning something is just a coincidence. Having Pakistan win the T20 World Cup is just astounding!

There are many tiny elements that seen individually cannot predict the final outcome. The slowly building media-realization of a pitch-perfectly-consistent bowler; the simple move of a batsman from #6 to #3; the return of an old player; the wiping off of a grin from the captain’s face and the simple feeling of pride on success  garnered carefully by the team’s management; all these factors exist and have existed at different times, but for all of them to come together and produce a fitting outcome for a team & a country that needed something like this, desperately.

It makes me happier in the knowledge that the displaced refugees from the Northern Areas of Pakistan would be smiling last night. Many would be jumping in joy and the ones able to, would be dancing and celebrating on the streets. Victims of mindless terror attacks and suicide bombings might have forgotten their sorrows and allowed for a smile to flit across their faces, bringing back some of the color lost to tension, fear and sorrow. The politicians, keeping their lies to themselves, commended the team, their first truth spoken in years. It makes me happier to see the people spontaneously coming onto the streets, instead of running for their homes; people dancing and laughing openly, instead of unashamed tears over losing a loved one; the municipality cleaning the roads of confetti and sweetmeat boxes and colorful ribbons, instead of washing away blood and dismembered parts. It makes me happy to have Pakistan in the news for winning a World Cup, instead of losing a life.

Jolly good show, sir!