Who me?

16 07 2009

I was supposed to write here? wtf? Oh, hiya all. My name is the Queen of Tarts and I’m quite Tarty in that respect. I was checkin’ out my old stuff and discovered a finely honed talent of mine that is the inability to throw away old stuff. I don’ frikkin’ wanna be like those old dodgers on Opera who’ve gotten these whole warehouses o’ stuff in them there 3 room houses. Ugh!

Anyz, here what I think I look like

I like me more tarty than that

I like me more tarty than that

Of course I’m not a redhead. I’m beach blond.

Last night, returning from a footy, there standing in front of me, in all his grimy glory was a playa from the match. The bastard had managed to catch my eye and was “mistakin y’ all for a friend o’ mine, nevermind you”. Pompous ass. It was high mighty fine time for a chunder but somehow I stopped meself and decided to give him a gobful. That turned out the right thing to do, as the playa was a mighty wuss, running away without a single word to say to me!!! LOL! Poor thing must’ve gotten all his gonads in hyperdrive on seeing a sheila, turned out all his bluster and grace was as useful as tits on a bull for all I saw, wonder what they  feed these players nowadays, musta been all them drugs.

Police refuse to take mugshots of Joe Jackson, they say their lenses crack

Police refuse to take mugshots of Joe Jackson, they say their lenses crack

Wacko Jacko splenidified all of us mere mortals in his memorial service. I know FK likes MJ so I won’t go in my Morpheous-stance on the matter. On the other hand, if I had a dad as evil looking as joe jackson, I’d probably throw an acid dish on his face as well as mine. Jacko did the latter, forgot the former. I think this is the same reason all of MJ’s siblings have their plastic surgeons on speed dial, their pops’ face. Damn if he ain’t ugly.

I know this blog is s’posed to be be all neat and clean and shit, and that I’m supposed to do some political post too, but whateva. I mean weve got a Pompous Ass as the Prime Minister whose head is inserted somewhere where the sun regularly shines, that place gets so much outing. I’ll marry the person who does something and removes the PA from where he is right now.

Formula 1 is all frickked up. Looks like them dead beats governin the sport kno they’re about to die, so they decide to mess with the FOTA’s head. I bet they’re snikkering over all this over a coldie in whatever manor they hold their orgies parties in.

Gotta stop yabberin’. don’t stop readin’ what FK writes coz of me. ignore me. I’m just an ashtrayon a motorbike! 🙂


-The Queen ‘O’ Tarts

Blatant Advertising

20 05 2009

Yup, it doesn’t get any lower than this!

Up for grabs are the following two items:

Videocon Integra 32″ LCD TV. Around… ummm…. 6 months old. That means the 2-year warranty is still in effect.

Want to sell it for a bigger size. Techie details for the same are here.

2nd piece of most-wanted hardware for sale is:

This is the Canon Powershot Sx100. This, again, was bought around December last year. The 1 yr warranty is in effect.

Go for techie details here.

People in and around Oman a-wanna buy? Leave a comment or email thefarkknight (att) yahoo (dott) com

People from wayy off wanna buy? Include S&H and leave a comment or email thefarkknight (att) yahoo (dott) com

Dont wanna buy?  Humph!


I bought a Ferrari Enzo!

2 05 2009

‘Twas my birthday recently.

Was pretty fun after inital melancholy-ness. Since I had already announced all around that clothes n stuff were a no-no, I ended up with a stubborn family giving me clothes anyway; and lots of cash. So I planned to indulge in some impulse buying (but now I’m not clear whether it has remained impulse or has become planned buying).

So it was going to be some gizmo or something entertaining. Gizmos I have more than I use and more than I have space on my desk for. And nothing pains me more to see something I liked once sitting in a drawer under coils and coils of cables and stuff. Entertaining things point to toys. So I looked around for R/C toys. It pretty much ended up between a car or a boat.

I pretty much wanted (preferred):

  • – A land-based vehicle
  • – All terrain (or atleast carpet, tile, road, track and sand)
  • – Sufficiently large
  • – Not too kiddish, no frills, no nonsense (spinners and a built in Mp3 player? on a an r/c car! Get a life!)
  • – and the most damning of them all – Digital proportional controls!

The rest I could find but the last…! I couldn’t believe how crappy the serious toy market is in Muscat. All the major retailers; Carrefour (both), Toysomething in Seeb CityCenter, Toys R Us Bahja, Wadi Center, Safeer, AlKhuwair, Sarooj – zilch! Sure they have r/c cars, they have helicopters more than they have cars, but 99% of them don’t have proportional controls. Press ahead on the controller – zip – full speed ahead. Lay off a bit – stop! No half-fast, no semi-full, no just-about-crawling, nothing. Same for the turning. It’s either full left/right, or straight ahead. To make a wide turn you have to do left-straight-left-straight-left-straight-left. 2 cm increments; and that too at full speed.


Found one rack in Fuzone-something in Bahja opposite ToysRUs that had some engine-powered R/Cs. But those need maintenance and tunings and spare parts and mechanics and bletch!

Blessed be the Italian Carmakers. ToysRUs had some officially licensed Ferraris. Whilst not to my size & terrain liking, they did have proportional controls & who can resist an Enzo! :p So I got one.


That is a ‘pitch perfect’ 1:16 scale model

It has digital proportional controls for speed and turning. Working brake lights that work when you brake (a flick of the controller in the opposite direction of travel), working turn indicators (that work on turns, automatically. If the turn if smaller than a certain threshold, they turn on). Working headlights with properly aligned beams and a proper light ‘throw’ (Yep! It really lights up the way ahead as it is supposed to. The headlights have internal reflectors and all!). The things I don’t like are the size (too small for my liking); ground clearance (even normal road/track pebbles are to be taken care of) and lack of a high-power battery pack, which might mean lesser running time than what could have been. Although I now have 2 sets of rechargables that I use.

The 2nd purchase was always going to be something water-related. I initially had my sights on a couple of hovercrafts I’d seen at Sultan Center and Toys R Us, but they were flawed for my usage as they require mirror-like surfaces to float properly. So, then it was a boat. But majority of them warn ‘for freshwater use only’. Then we searched and searched and found one in Sultan Center, liked it, bought it.


This is a 1:8 size.

Things I like: Size (really large, like 1m lengthwise), Speed/Power (2 really large motors with fine propellers. Motors are watercooled), controls (has that steering-like controller), sea-water-ability (all sealed, minimum metal exposed. I shall cover that too with silicon).

Bad things: No digital proportional controls. Its either full speed or no speed. No rudder. Steering is achieved by one of the propellers turning off.

And that’s a wrap!



19 04 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

pic_12343280402075For some odd reason I feel melancholy. Birthdays (for me atleast) are a boisterous affair, with me actually calling up my friends and asking them what they are getting me! I even suggest things when there is a chance of a clash or a repetition of gifts.

Yesterday, at the stroke of 12, I got a Most Wonderful gift from dearest Wifey (or is it Honey? as opposed to Hubby). Made me realize how lucky I am, how lucky I shall be. Talking to her, enjoying the not-so-warm breeze that was blowing at around 2am-ish, I had an epiphany that I had all the tools and pieces to die a happy man. It is just a matter of arranging them so.

May God Bless all those who have a part, no matter how tiny in making me what I am.praying-girl

May God Bless all those who shall have a part in making me what I shall be. What shall not kill me will only make me stronger.

May God Bless my Parents.

May God have mercy on my ancestors.

My Wife Rocks! God Bless Her.


Fever without infection?

6 04 2009

TheWife has a fever. It is on the higher side. Panadol’s range Active, Fast, Night, Extra, Normal all carry the “Reduce Fever” caption. So we tried Fast. Nothing. The next time we tried Active, viola! That, atleast, allowed us a few hours of sleep. But now have to go off to the doc, considering he does not come in before 11.

But there was no infection of any sort, as far as we could determine. No tummyache, no headache, no sort throat, no cold, cough, runny nose nothing. Except for the higher body tempurature (and lots of high-speed talking!), everything else was fine. How does that work!?

edit: Panadol does not have a very good website/wiki/online resource.