Sexist PC

16 08 2009

Today’s post is a good comic strip-site. (click to jump)


I Laughed. Is that bad?! 🙂


Leftist Laughs

24 06 2009

… and then there were leftist cartoons…

Can cartoons be leftist? Well, they sure can, as Barry has shown. And not that only, the satirical content, whilst not so hidden as to be subtly satirical, is out there and brazenly displayed for everyone to see.

The US is promoting democracy in more places than that…


Where’s Waldo, err…

9 04 2009

Where’s Waldo amongst all these Waldos?

Students, faculty, and staff at Rutgers University tried to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people dressed as Waldo at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, N.J., Thursday. More than 1,000 people participated.

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P.S. Find the one with the blue wrists?


xkcd – Parking

8 04 2009

Hahha! This is so spot on. Especially the ImageHover comment*! I so wish I could do this. Especially since we’ve gotten that 4×4 that needs almost all of the space allotted for a single car. I’m beginning to ERGH such drivers.

xkcd – A Webcomic – Parking.


*Police reported three dozen cheerful bystanders, yet no one claims to have seen who did it.