10 weird things…

2 08 2009

…that have happened to me this week/fortnight (inspired by SEwG):

– Whilst bowling at OBC, competing against first-timers, my score was 82. My average score usually is by the 150/160 mark. (I’d promised a training session after the game. It was scrapped).

– I spent about 45 minutes (and 5 rials) in the children’s arcade in the basement of Al-Masa Mall. And I enjoyed it.

– I’m beginning to hate The Week for their silly half-cooked, more-holes-than-swiss-cheese-cover stories.

– I joined a local forum with an anonymous account (I already have a real-life-name account there). I then deleted it without making any posts.

– I saw an accident beneath the airport overhead intersection last night. There were 3 police cars ‘on top’ of the overhead, policemen looking down from above.  The crash involved 3 cars.

– I saw an accident where in a long-haul truck had crushed a tiny daihatsu beneath it (whilst taking its usual huge turn). Turns out the local woman driving the car didn’t notice the truck until her-side window fell onto her lap.stats

– My 42-person department has no woman in it.

– The Select Shop at the nearest Shell station doesn’t have ‘anything’ that is for a 100 bz or less.

– The daily average hits for this blog is roundabout 80. I get 100 on a good day and 30 on a bad one. On 7/7, it received 352 hits.

– I recently managed to smash my watch’s glass by accidentally hitting it against my cellphone, which was in my pocket, while wearing a jeans.

– I haven’t flown since April 2006. That year (Apr05-Apr06), I flew 5 times; 3 times in the year before that, 3 times 03-04, 5 times in 02-03.

– These were 11 facts.