Opressionist Regime!? But they Like Water Sports!

1 03 2010


I’m alliveee!!! Stuck in life, balancing the karma of having an 8 month vacation by working twice the normal amount for the next eight months. I do plan to post every other day, but a couple of issues are hampering me – most notably being my laptop’s security settings not letting me into wordpress’ login page (all https pages, to be precise), so I’m kinda like the locked-out husband. But I’ll keep posting on and off whenever I can, like now.

With the interests of the Western World against Iran at the moment, it is a fair assumption that the regime there is going to be (and is being) painted as an oppressive, alienating, evil, cruel, sadist regime with crime and corruption rampant, the common people being crushed, bloodshed and crime rates soaring and etc etc etc – kinda like the weapons of mass destruction that were lying around on the streets of Baghdad after 9/11.

So it is upto the Iranian govt. to continue to retaliate with their own press (which has a natural language disadvantage) the good things that are happening. But since each media outlet is biased, all opinions are being taken with a pinch of salt.

Here are some photos of women activities in Iran.

Now I feel like going out and playing!!!

Stay Safe.