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8 11 2009

Hiya All. I should be glad to announce the fact that I’m back in ‘comfortable areas’. Not back home as yet, but after a whirlwind tour spanning 7 countries, the UAE seems almost home. I think a little bit of macro-level detail is allowed here.

So here I am, back in the UAE, after about a year. The roads are the same, the traffic is almost the same, the people are definitely the same and the nightlife has increased even more, if nothing else. Jumera Beach Hotel has even shorter skirts and whiter flesh on display, while Ski Dubai has more and more people packed into less and less space. Overall, there is a sone of slowing down, as I see it, but the people who were not slowed down are still going strong. Ofcourse, there is some scaling down of the middle-classes, but then again, those poor people are always scared by the class below them. George Carlin has some famous words on this (article). There is also a video clip of this, but I can’t find it right now (sucky cellphone, y’all).

Anyway, things have slowed down. I’ll most probably be actually back home round about the Eid holidays. But ofcourse, since we’ve got holidays, we’ll have to go somewhere right :p. Maybe I’ll sleep the entire week! 🙂 But any idea how many hols are there going to be? I’ve missed the usual office-gossip, speculating on “If eid is on a Saturday…..” 🙂

The world is going around the same, I see. Shame it didn’t go on a hiatus when I did. A glance this copy of the Khaleej Times tells me that today the health minister is going to “kick-off the campaign” and be innoculated. With all respect, dear sir, I think the Europeans have it right. I, a mere visitor to their country, was given the vaccine, without any payment, because, as per the health officer “You’ll be walking around in crowds and eating out, you need to be safe dearie”. However, I don’t by any stretch, visuzalise the Hon. Minister walking around City Center and being in a position to be infected by a stray sneeze. And I’m sure the vaccination shall follow the heirarchy, right? Minister, Asst. Minister, Dty. Minister and so on, until after 3 months, and the end of winter (atleast here) common people shall get the vaccination.

And what’s the hulabaloo surrounding the vaccine? I’m hearing things here (in the UAE). That the vaccine is a live virus and it is untested and people shall be avoiding getting the shots and people get sick after the vaccination and it takes 7-8 months to be effective and blah and blah! Wowzer! Someone’s undies are in a knot!

Anyway, there are no qualms. I can only offer that I got vaccinated, and apart from half a day of pain in my arm (where i was injected), there have been no after-effects – and I have’t dropped dead, full of swine flue virii – till now.

Rest all is okay. Be in peace.