Remote Shores and Weird Feelings

20 10 2009

TFK is not down and out for the count. True, that the count has reached 10, 9, 8, …4 and I have only 3 digits left, but I still don’t consider myself down and out.

I’ll start by apologizing to the readers who visit the page (or check their feeds) and don’t see an update or a post. Then I’ll apologize to the bloggers whose blogs I used to read, then I’ll apologize to my wife for leaving last night’s cake in her slipper and lastly I’ll apologize to my Workplace for me not appreciating the Oh-Lord-Wonderfully-Free-And-Fast internet connection that I had in my office.

Remote shores, where I am, are wonderful. While they are a tad bit weird (we are approaching summer where we are; winter is ending), the sky is a different blue, the sea is a different green and the air tastes funny. But still they are nice. But then again, being the un-thankful being that I am, I do miss a lot of things:

– I miss being a billionaire so that I can extend this vacation another couple of months.
– I miss not coming here before, so that I could have booked the better room down the hall.
– I miss Mum n Dad!!
– I miss the weirdly obnoxiously awesomely blinged out cars that slowwly drive around Shatti Qurum twice, with loud music, before driving away.
– I miss the strange strain of human beings that are found in City Center Azaibah on a weekend.
– I miss the Asian spin we have put on “Italian” dishes in Asia. Real Italian food is… it takes time getting used to! 🙂

And I also face some problems:

– In the last hotel we stayed in, THE WORDPRESS LOGIN PAGE WAS BLOCKED GODDAMMIT!!!!
– My foot hurts (We’ve have walked a lot.. a LOT)
– I have lost my iPod Shuffle (I think I left it in a taxi)
– The list of ‘gift items’ to take back home and the Amount of gift items is inceasing exponentially, making me think we’ll have to buy another airplane ticket just for the cargo.
– There are very few good cars here. Practicality takes preference over luxury (atleast where we are for the last 3 weeks)
– I still feel uncomfortable driving a moped.
– My wife is a better moped driver than I am!!!

Since I have to present myself as a likeable person, I’ll have to include the list of things I’m lovin:

– The weather. Seriously, it is blissful. Get this weather to Oman & I assure you it’ll be the best-est place to be.
– Privacy in the middle of everything. You feel as if no one is trying to invade your space. You can sit in the same place for hours or you can jiggle and pop all day long, no one will notice or interrupt you.
– Diversity. I’ve found Indians, Sikhs, Asians, Thais, Europeans (duh!) and all sorts of people here. While that is not a very strange thing, but the amicablility and willingness to talk and be friendly is pretty nice. Strike up a conversation and you’ll, in 9 cases out of 10, get a smiling reply. The 10th person is usually drunk! 🙂
– Food variety. I had to spend 10 days searching for an authentic Italian Restaurant in Oman. (Eventually found the one in Grand Hyatt – Tuscany; Recommended!! )

So, all in all, here we are. Far away from the regularities of life. No work to do, no schedules to meet. The Mrs. says that she is going to start searching for a job soon, we;ve been here so long. And indeed, we have. The local money exchange cashier knows me and Oman by name. He even knows about Azaibah and Sohar now! Our hotel staff know our eating and sleeping habits pretty well. We’ve been here so long that I even started to look like a local!!

But I’ll be back. And we’ll be back on our blog posts. Matters of the world, politics, Oman, activities, local scene, all that jazz.

Till then, Ciao!