Overheated shaved balls

1 08 2009

“Overheated; Shaved Balls” should be the proper heading. A snide comment on importance of punctuation.

In what has got to be the silliest post ever on this blog, I just obtained 2 mouse balls, shaved one of them, scraped it, shined it and then took pictures to post here. Oh Lawd, Help Me!

And in one of the randomest ever follow ups, my poor li’l itsy bitsy car got overheated the other day. Turns out I’d been ohdriving it on low water for the past month and the steam buildup + a weak spot in a tinny rubber pipe (covered with red tape in pic) burst, allowing the car to run without any water for a good part of my journey from Athaibah to Ghubrah, resulting in the automatic shutdown shutting down the car at Ghubrah r/a, then me taking it to a corner and opening the hood to see tonnes of steam everywhere, my wifey mildly scalding her hand & it taking me the good part of 40 minutes to release all the steam from the engine, letting it cool down, filling it with water (almost 4-5 litres worth, excluding the reservoirs), getting the water gurgled all out, refilling it and then racing back home, forgetting all the chores which I was out for.

OMG!! I’ll  explode from the randomness of this post!!!




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