Dubai 2020

5 07 2009

After the recent villian-esque media reporting on Dubai, a move from Dubai was on the cards. Again, I was expecting something like a regional tournament or something like their tennis cup or golf cup, but Sheikh Maktoum has upped the ante by announcing the start of investigation of Dubai hosting the 2020 Olympics.

Pic unrelated

Pic unrelated

Whilst a wee bit ambititous, Dubai can certainly pull it off. The other interested parties are places like Doha, Kuala Lampur, Delhi & Cape Town. What strikes is that all these cities are kinda “2nd-grade citizens” in ther international fraternity of cities. These are all cities (and countries) who have something to prove. So with Dubai entering the race, it just makes it a bit difficult for the rest to get a winning bod. Dubai certainly has the bits and pieces to make it happen.

I’m more interested in the cultural part. Apart from well-developed facilities, perfectly working systems and events, proper security, a large part of Olympic success is fans screaming for their team to win, people lining up for tickets, audiences all along the marathon route, face-painted screaming tourists arriving for the event, media frenzy and a general spread of the Olympic Spirit everywhere. Is this possible in Dubai? Has this happened in Dubai? To the most part, no. To a smaller, localized extent, yes. Can they develop it? Dunno. They can pay people to line the roads, they can force people to attend the events and all that, but Dubai does not have the manpower resources that China had at its disposal.

And what about our quaint li’l village downtown? Maybe we’ll get to see an extra influx of visitors coming here and spending some dough,  perking up the businesses a bit, buying overpriced items from Shatti! 🙂 Maybe Oman can even sell some extra resources to Dubai, some cultural performances, some extra electricity kinda.





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