Pricey Nike…

4 07 2009

Our beloved TSC has recently revamped its non-foodstuff floor. Whilst being one of the few peaceful & better places left to shop, I’ve noticed the steadily stealthily hiking prices of sports items and clothing. I’m sure these pair of shorts were not more than 7 rials a coupla months ago.

But now, we get a whopping 20 R.O price tag for them. You can get the same original stuff at City Center for not more than 15, even 12 rials is some cases.

I wonder if TSC is in cahoots with unFair??


Note: 1 Omani Rial = 0.386 US$




4 responses

4 07 2009

i stopped shopping at sultana along time ago .. they are worse than alfair ..

7 07 2009
The Fark Knight

I dunno if they already are, but they’re making nice work getting there. I go there regularly, but I yet have to see a sizeable amount of shoppers there. Wonder how they’re getting through, or what they have up their sleeves.


7 07 2009

I think the sports section might be a ‘concession’ run by one of the sports shops in Ruwi . The first floor seems to have ‘lost its identity’ but I like the new downstairs

26 07 2009
Laith Juwaidah

They DID increase their prices.

Not only sports items, but even food items, take a pack of Mountain Dew, it was 500-550 Bzs, and it still is in other shopping centers like Al-Safeer, but in TSC it’s 600 Bzs now! I know, I know, it’s not a big difference but it’s still a valid point!

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