Its Only Words…

17 06 2009

No paraphrasing this time!

Anyway, what is so scrumptiously intriguing as to make you cachinnate and have all onygophagists forget their obsession and instead treat themselves to it? Dunno? Neither do I.

But instead of finding such things, what amount of words should a person know, or, what should be the vocabulary level of dictionary-thumb1a person in today’s world & time? Should the above sentence be understandable by more than 50% people? If one does not understand it, is he to be considered “less-read” or something similar? What levels should we look at?

Vocabulary, like so many things linguistic, is something that is majorly dependent on the environment, usage and application of  the person. People working in business environments are used to “With due regards to the below-mentioned” while management members write emails like “Pl. proceed as discussed. “, while at the same time people who have no requirement for English exposure, who work and live surrounded by their natives are very happy with “haan, we got the order 7abibi!. Call rafiki. Capsice?“.

Then there are the long-nosed, glasses-at-the-end people who are all prim and proper and are the Allied form of grammar nazis. Pushing, pulling and rearranging their narratives to include curmudgeonly words and proper grammatical structures.

But what is the standard? Words that take you through? Or words that will pass a standardized test? Or even still words and a vocab that is better than your peers around you, regardless of standardized tests and exams? Whatever it entails, being arsefingley is a major consideration.

But all in all, new words have to be learnt, or even invented, coz the yipnupdooley will never stop.





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