Something’s Burning…

9 06 2009

Apparently Bahwan is in the process of converting the to-date peaceful area of Wadi Kabir into yet another place with 8:00 am/6:00 pm blocked traffic, too many people and weird activities going on at strange hours. This is about the 2 huge apartment complexes that are under construction there (for the past 8 months atleast).

So, apart from the trucks and cranes and cement mixers and 24/7 work under night-lights, there are lots of people too. The workers have to be ferried to-and-from and Bahwan uses those huge buses for that purpose. Come weekend, the buses are conveniently parked on the rocky area that comes after Wadi Kabir residential area and before the Golden Horse at the entrance to the Bustan Road.

So, whilst coming/going to/from work, I notice these 3 buses standing there for a couple of days. I remember noticing them, coz they are not so new, but are larrge and are seemingly randomly parked (not in a row or anything). Then, come Sunday, I see a very typical after-riot scene, very common in countries where riots occur, but so out of place here, the buses are burnt!

Apparently, somewhere between Thursday and Sunday, some sort of an accident occurred with one of them (as evident by its state) and the other two, parked nearby, were caught up in the blaze and suffered side effects. My theory is that some aerosol or something else left inside exploded due to the heat, somewhere near the petrol tank n all.

And That’s that..

Anyone knows the backstory?





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