Me? Suicide?

31 05 2009

No way I support or approve or even contemplate suicide…. I’ve just gotten a new 22″ lcd monitor, man!!

Then I get this nugget from my WordPress Stats page:

30th May

Search terms used to find my blog*

I mean, man, wtf! people searching for “suicide with pills” and “wiki suicide” are coming here?? Lay off the traffic man; we don’t need such steenkin’ traffic. Don’t want no blood on my hands..pleeez meeester, pleeezz. Eye em inoceeent meester. pleeeez.

*cue theme music from Psycho*

Lay off killing, seriously. The only thing worse than a suicide death is a suicide survivor.


*Kids, don’t search for this @ home! Or anywhere else, for that matter. Suicide is a game we adults play.. now scoot!




2 responses

31 05 2009
Donald Mills

Wiki suicide? Sounds like a damned flavor of ice cream to me. Back in my day we didn’t need on-line suicide help. If we wanted to kill ourselves we just sassed our parents.

31 05 2009
The Fark Knight

Haha!! True!
& Thanks for commenting. It led me to your site. Got the first hearty laugh of the day!! Jolly Good Show sir!


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