Rise of the Clones

30 05 2009

Whilst enjoying the sunny weather on a jaywalking jaunt through the environs of Wadi Kabir, I passed by the Toyota camp mosque that is there. Expecting to find a shortcut through the parking lot of the same, I stumbled upon a cache of spit-shiny 1985/1990 model toyota 4WDs.

I saw them from afar, went inside the lot, looked around for security, inspected the vehicles, their cleanliness, their having no sunshade or any protection from the sun. I even went ahead and peeked into one to see if I could discern signs of them being in regular use, but no. Either they were being driven by ghosts or the Omani drivers driving them were oh-so-clean as to be freaky.


And y’know, I made a point of driving by that mosque twice that week… they were still there and still untouched as always. For all I know they are still there.

Do they get up at night and move about, returning to mere cars in the mornings?






2 responses

18 06 2009

They look like those favorite ‘school buses’ for up in the mountains .
Bahwans have delivered Prado’s for the last few years – but the seating configuration aint so good and the suspension is simpler on the ones you have photoed .
So I guess they are either refurbished or (taking note of the purchasing power of Bahwans) they might be a special delivery – both to take the school kids to a from their mountain home .

18 06 2009
The Fark Knight

Hmm.. dunno about that. They are unmoved since my post, so no delivery as till today. Also I doubt the distribution part since they are parked in the parking lot of a local mosque. Alotted to the local project but unrequired maybe?

Still wondering…

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