Arabia without the bling!

26 05 2009

Our land of Oh-man is stealthily coming into notice.

The fallout from Dubai has left eh westerners craving for more of Alladin and Sindbad and the Prince of Persia (but sadly Iran is off-limits to them),  but the images of Ferraris and Porsches and multi-millions of dirhams have left them understandably fearful, so they find the next best place, Oman. SA is too strict for their liking, the balance of power and order-givers in Qatar and Kuwait makes them feel like how the dark little workmen in orange vests working about everywhere feel here.

Oman balances the order of things just right for them.

Here they can have a sip of soemthing nice (and maybe restricted) at the Intercon and then head out to Rustaq/Barka and snap a couple of dozen pics of an old crumbling fort, contemplate in the mountains of Quriyat, have a harrowing drive from Qantab to Hamriya via Yeti, enjoy a trip in an everything-equipped boat, scuba dive, return to have some Italian Burgraviato with Dr Pepper from Sultan Center and top it all off with a nice peaceful sleep at the Crowne Plaza. Bliss!! Earn 4000 rials a month and spend 3,300 of them enjoying!

This article in the TimesOnline hits the spot. Either the writer is someone who has lived here for sometime (which he has not) or he has experienced things at the helm, roughing it out, and so this tranquility and peace comes as a comfort to him.

Either way, I like it, esp the pic.





One response

27 05 2009

Did we miss Bahrain here?
Good to know the Sultan has promised to know make it all glitzy. But lets see how long can we be true to those promises.

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