Oye, I’ll jum…..AAaaahhhhh!!!

25 05 2009

Hahha! One of those news items which divides the discussions wherein the participants immediately take one of the two available sides and a good talk ensues. Some people go, “ROFL! Cool move dude” and others go “Tch Tch, he shouldn’t have”.

The problem is, both are right.

In China, Chen got involved in a construction project, accrued some 2 mill yuan in debt, climbed the bridge and contemplated suicide. But like the weakling he was (is) insted of doing it properly without any fuss, he just sat there, got the authorities alerted, traffic blocked and generally made a ruckus (and a fool of himself).

Lai, who is 66 years old, and I believe has a lot of common sense, volunteered to ‘negotiate’ with Chen and get him down. Police refused but Lei got to Chen anyway.

Lai met Chen, greeted him, shook his hand and pushed the idiot off the ledge… all the way down… 26 feet… onto an emergency inflatable mattress.

Lai was later released on bail. ‘It is said’ he was on medication and was going to get his pills when he was pissed off by the blocked traffic on the bridge and solved the problem, instead of avoiding it.

Chen, is still in jail, and is unable to decide what to do next as he has added one more thing to his list of failures –  he can’t even commit suicide properly!!







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