Shipping Company Ships Ship to Shipping Lines

17 05 2009

That would be better read as Oman Shipping Company ships a new oil tanker to Mitsui Shipping Lines “. Makes sense, but be honest, you wouldn’t have clicked here if I’d written that, would you!? =P

MoI says:

Oman Shipping Company (OSC) […] commission[ed] its giant oil products tanker, Raysut [yesterday]. [It has] 21.5 metre draft, [is] 244-metre long, 42 metre wide, has a capacity of 105,000 tonnes.

Raysut is the third in OSC fleet of oil products tankers alongside Liwa and Haima. The new vessel will operate in the international market as part of Mitsui’s Shipping lines.

Ms. Hana Wahibi represented OSC in the ceremony*. Mitusi is a very large carrier company that has well-reputed trade routes and et al. Seems like OSC has a comfortable relationship with ’em.

Wisam bin Moosa al Najar, Senior Commercial Officer at OSC, said Oman Shipping Company was able to build a fleet of 38 tankers during the past four years, with 22 tankers operational and 16 others under construction.

And there is a lot of that going on around. Seems like Haima was delivered only in March this year.

Oman Shipping Company (OSC) commissioned LR2 Haima, a carrier of oil derivatives as 18th vessel on the company’s fleet. The carrier is built by Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding company of Japan.


Click for large size

Click for large size

Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM), a joint venture subsidiary of the state-owned Oman Oil Company, took delivery of ‘Gulf Muttrah’, a 46,000 dwt vessel from a Korean shipbuilder.

Lots of investments going around.

*I like the Axe!!!!




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