No Bottom Feeding

17 05 2009

Bottom Trawling is a technique where in a trawler (obviously) lets its nets (kinda) scrape the bottom (obviously) of the seabed. This “scoops” up the fishes we eat and the things they discard. As a side issue, metal or wooden

Beam Trawler Net

Beam Trawler Net

beam is used to keep the mouth of the net open; this this is terribly destructive to the slow-growing corals that are hosts to many organisms. Also, the seabed is shaken and stirred, which causes the deposited materials/minerals/thingies to be resuspended, causing lack of food for the borrom feeders (catfish). Even more, resuspended mud/sand can cloud the ocean downcurrent for many kilometers, decreasing light penetration and wreaking havoc with the timings of barely-light-living thingies, causing the shrimps and prawns to sleep early and not completing their chores.

Apparently, there are treaties and tries to get this stopped (or atleast restricted) but yada-yada-yada.

Now, Oman too has banned bottom trawling, since many bottom-species were being caught.

Muscat, May 16  – Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali al Qatabi, Fisheries Minister, has issued a ministerial decision banning the use of Bottom Trawling fishing procedure.

Article one of the decision bans the use of Bottom Trawling fishing procedure of bed-sea fisheries. Article two permits companies, establishments and individuals who have been authorized to use the Bottom Trawling fishing procedure a two-years grace period to adjust the situation from the enforcement date of the decision.

The decision aims to establish a secured fishing that preserves marine environment and species, as well as, developing and sustaining fishing resources.

So, does that mean more wuunderful things to look at while snorkelling or scuba-ing? Or less fishies to eat and higher prices? I think it’ll be the same output and higher prices nonetheless! o_o





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