Read and Pass it On

14 05 2009

No, I’m not forwarding a chain mail, nor am I promising 20 days of evil if you don’t do it (but I will wish for 200 days of goodness to fall on you).



If y’all remember my previous post has excerpts from a newspaper that caught my eye. And I farked on it.

But, today, I saw the exact same thing in another place. And then there was my post with the same text innit. So I wonderrrred, how many website would have this relatively obscure text pertaining to the head of the LTTE being fat.

So I googled, and was relatively astonished to find that there are atleast 59 copies of the exact same article.

But I was only relatively astonished!



*now I don’t even know why I posted this. It is the Intertubes after all!!!




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