Growing Water

10 05 2009

“Supplier of Illegal Stuff Warned” Ooooo.. What  a headline! Now that’s a novel concept! Warning someone for Illegal “Stuff”. Not illegal alcohol, illegal marijuana but illegal “stuff”. Has a james bond-style sound to it!

“Hi there buddy. Whachu upto?”



So, Gulf news has national-level, sensational and ground-breaking news about how the supplier of some illegal stuff was “warned” in Ras al-Khaimah. Seems that RAK has experienced a sudden influx of “growing water“. It is, as per them, “an item” that expands rapidly once it comes in contact with liquid. When it is placed in the mouth, it grows in size, sometimes up to 10 times, and if swallowed it explodes in the stomach. Ooo.. exploding stomach. But Mentos does that too, right? Or maybe not!

So we have something that expands rapidly when it becomes wet and, as usual, children in schools are wreaking havoc with it. Hee hee! Sounds just right! If I were there, I’d just put it in the pants’ hind-area of a friend I have in mind right now, and pour a glass of water down her pants! Yippee!!

So what do the authorities do? Find the supplier, warn him. When more evidence of supply is found, warn him again. Reason? It is a “dangerous item” and needs to be “prevented from reaching the market“.

Now for my rant!

Expanding stuff is dangerous when injested? Well so are chainsaws when juggled with! And so are flaming cocktails when drunk sloppily. And I won’t even mention vehicular drivers.

But then what about things that are made to expand. Potting soil that grows to 14 times its size in 2-5 minutes! Soil jelly that fills a flowerpot from a pinch of crystals. I’d google more but get my point?

Short rant!





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