H1N1 Lab in Oman

6 05 2009

Folks over in the UAE are worried about the fact that the nearest WHO-recognized H1N1 identifying lab to theirs is in Oman. That would be the Central Public Health Lab in the Ministry of Health (I presume in the Muscat Area, right next to the Muscat Palace?)

The deal is that local labs can identify type A or type B influenza. But to further check, the snot sample needs to come here. Or in medical speak, we can do “real-time PCR tests to diagnose influenza A (H1N1) virus infections in humans.” As an added perk, only cases that the recognized lab reports shall be included in the central infection count and released in WHO statements. Hah! No use counting snot, you-unrecognized-lab-you!





2 responses

24 05 2009

“…someone is there is disagree wholeheartedly…”

Correct it to:
“…someone is there TO disagree wholeheartedly…”

24 05 2009
The Fark Knight

Ah! Corrected!

Muchas Gracias!


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