Facilitating Facilities!

6 05 2009

The Tribune reports (through its ‘Special Correspondent’. What’s the deal with these Special Correspondents anyway? What makes them so special!!?) that “Major tourism destinations are going to get ‘facilities’“. Oh great, I thought! They are going to destroy these spots with a paved road, a canteen, possibly 5-6 shops including a petrol station and mebbe even a hotel! But then, reading into the article, I realized that the ‘facilities’ meant facilities not facilities. As in facilities with a nudge and a meaningful look with an eye movement in the right direction.

Okay, so they are going to construct ‘loos! And my, what a well-worded and planned ‘loo project.

[…]the Ministry of Tourism has already assigned tenders with the local companies to construct 16 amenity blocks. Each block will have 6 to 10 toilets for men and women, special needs facilities and room for a cleaner.

Nice! A Room in a ‘Loo! Maybe that’ll be the title of my next book!

[…] The new development activities being taken up now would bring in 16 toilets of the first phase of 125 toilets […] at 12 wilayats in Muscat and Al Buraimi governorates, besides Al Sharqiyah, Al Dakhiliyah, Al Wusta and Al Batinah regions.

What?! How many? 125?

[…]  the Ministry of Tourism has set a target of attracting 12 million visitors by the year 2020.

So, 125 loos for 12 million visitors? 9600 ppl per loo? 26 people everyday? 1 point something-something person per  hour? Hmm… Works! :p  (I just did a ‘loo-laysis)

Provision of quality visitor facilities is central to the Ministry of Tourism’s plans to position Oman as a quality destination, the official said.

Of course! Why not! Lots of ‘loos! Yayy! Now I can go anywhere!


*meaningful look*

P.S. I want one like this!!





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