Ultra-Secure Security

23 04 2009

ATMs are appearing a lot. This is good. Generally. But not when those bank people have to construct a structure just for the ATM. Why not incorporate it in a building? A standalone structure is fine where is is space and requirement and no adequate building nearby, e.g. Petrol stations. (However, even there, BM mananges to put them inside an available convenience store.)

The Khimji’s store in Wadi Kabir has one such eyesore sitting smack int he centre of the building facade. That ATM has, for security purposes, a surveillance camera pointed at the transactor. Here is how it looks like:
(sorry for the quality, it was quite dark there)

WK_KhimjiATM This thing is wrong on so many levels!

– The camera is pointed at the ATM. It sees the transactor and the transaction. Cameras are supposed to see the transactor only. Why can the bank people see my PIN number as I key it in? They already have access to my account #, personal details and other things. Only my PIN # was mine!

– Notice the wonderful security arrangements wherein the camera cable is exposed! Anyone can approach from the camera’s blind side and snippity snip. Tamper away!

– The physical placement of this ATM room is atrocious.

– Are so many lights really needed on an ATM machine?






4 responses

24 04 2009
Luis F.

with all that cams and other security stuff, robberies still have their jobs …

25 04 2009
The Fark Knight

Yup, guess someone has to feed them too…

16 05 2009

quick question

I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while but I have a question to ask. I’m trying to find a legit seller for r4 cards for my nintendo.

17 05 2009
The Fark Knight

Is this spam?? ^o[

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