Our North Northerly Neighbours

20 04 2009

Iran. The bad boy to the Western hemisphere. The injured and wounded but resilient, emerging and on-the-cusp-of-power  nation to its people. The country that the world is wary of. Whilst Iran has no overt friends, Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria tend to display a soft corner. But not the Arab League. But then again, Oman was represented at the Head of State session by deputy Prime Minister Oman Sayyid Fahd Bin Mahmoud Al-Said. Local coverage was also low-key.

Post-summit, diplomatic cross-linkings are going on. The Iranian FM visited us back in March. Lieutenant-General Malik bin Sulaiman Al Ma’amari, IG ROP visited Iran. The official statement noted the cooperation of both the countries in curbing illegal immigrancy.

Our ambassador in Iran then met the Iranian Deputy FM, groundwork was layed, followed up by the visit of our Minister for Foreign Affairs visiting Iran this week. He met the Iranian President and Iranian FM. Again, local papers are wary of covering this piece, instead Iranian and other news agencies are reporting on the same.

The ongoing Egyptian stand against the Hezbullah is something over the top for the region. Egypt’s miniscule, but far-reaching activities, like closing the border, allowing/disallowing refugees, prohibiting imprmput markets along its borders etc etc are like small squeezes and nuances in the diplomacy and internally (within Arab League) varied levels of support for the Palestinian cause. Iran, of course, retaliated.

Bu now we see SA being its usual self, aloof. Egypt tried to make a move, but currently nothing is coming out of it. Iran; I get a mental image of an Australian rugby player; continues on it’s path. Obama is reconciling and I think the American/Iranian journalist could be freed in a reciprocal manner being the Iranian reply to Obama’s green signals, that is, IF Iran wants to give a green signal. Oman, doing good in its own way in this matter. After all, with all due respect, our North Northerly Neighbours better than our Notherly ones.

-The Fark Knight




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22 04 2009

Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

22 04 2009
The Fark Knight

umm.. Thanks, I guess! :p

24 04 2009

I love this blog!

2 05 2009

I am confused at what you are trying to say, so whats all this negotiations with Oman and Iran about if its not about illegal immigration? Do you think it is part of the Obama efforts?

2 05 2009
The Fark Knight

Illegal immigration might be one of the major topics for discussion on the Oman-Iran table. But the very concept of taking an issue to the table and discussing it instead of bashing Iran over it shows a very different (and I daresay, proper) stand by Oman in a time when Iran-bashing & Iranophobia is becoming a norm and a fashion, so to speak.

This can be seen in many different ways. Oman keeping it’s eyes and ears open instead of blindly following region and international players. Oman making its own decisions on matters of national interest and social interest. Even if this means going against prevalent notions of the Arab League, the GCC and the key players in the Iranian story. Amongst Others.


2 05 2009

Thanks. But Oman will stand to lose a lot, in the event of a war. So, it has to talk to the people across the straits. Dubai has been doing the same too albeit more covertly, Although the UAE is a mixed bag, the Sharqa family is more overtly anti shia/Iran. While DXB is more friendlier.

Most of the GCC are insuring themselves in the event of an attack.
UAE has been smart to take out an insurance policy, by inviting the french. Bahrain – the US naval base. Qatar – India/US. Oman – India and the US.

Besides Oman is predominantly Ibadhi and they haven’t had exceedingly great relations with the Saudi’s(funding the insurgencies) in the past.

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