Dubai Bashing – Media Roundup

14 04 2009

Many interesting things going on in the latest round of Dubai Bashing (which is fast becoming a copyright-able term). I have had my rant on it, here I’ll just be a nice person and post some links.

Huffington Post: Ultra-bash – Mr. Hari

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi: Response to above

Johann Hari: Response to the response above


‘nother bash

Dubai hires PR group to revive image

PR Group at work apparently (or maybe this is the norm)

Dubai: Investors are positive!

Dubai: Economy stability moves working!

and I am the king of Bohemia!

Meanwhile, check what I found at the Earth Observatory Site.

-The Fark Knight




One response

1 05 2009

My first experience of Dubai was in 1986 – my sponsor drove me up with his brother on a shopping trip . Apart from the WTC it was Muscat (without the charm ) – how topsy has grown is astounding but it still hasnt managed to increase it charm

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