Omani Blogger Trial – Getting Famous

12 04 2009

Ali al-Zuwaidy has garnered enough interest to be reported in the UK Reuters. UndercoverDragon, as usual, was on top of it.

The Reuters news agency says:

It is the latest in a series of legal cases concerning Internet blogs, forums and websites in the Arab world, where rights groups say governments are clamping down. The Internet has become a popular arena for discussion partly because of restraint observed in traditional media.

A diplomat said the trial was part of a wider targeting of Web sites. The government amended a telecoms regulatory law last year to include Internet crimes.

As a general discussion (of course), people oriented processes have this tendency to be a bit random in their efficiency and sweep. Out of 5 instances of the same activity, 1 or 2 have the proability to go unnoticed or un-acted-upon. Process-oriented crime-sweeps, no matter what law they are based on, provide some sort of consistency. The thing is that people are usually made examples of in such setups. This deters others and eases the load of regulation off the shoulders of regulating authorities.

Oman, a country of 3.3 million people on the tip of the Arabian peninsula, has one of the most closed media and political cultures in the Gulf region, analysts say.

Hmm, I don’t think so. Oman has pretty tough competition. Saudia Arabia comes to mind immediately. Kuwait. Bahrain. And the reason for a ‘closed’ culture might not be involuntary, it just ‘is’. People have that tendency to adjust around laws & generally laws here are such they allow adjustment-around.

A verdict in Zuwaidy’s trial is due on April 21.

Wonder if it gets widely reported if al-Zuwaidy gets acquitted. Front page news?

(this is getting long, so I’m breaking it up. See Next post)





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12 04 2009
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