The Bow-bama

7 04 2009

The Morning Herald (Sydney) has, like others, reported the Obama Bow. But it is their collection of narcissistic conservative commentors’ comments that makes me mention them here.

It really is surprising that such people are labelled ‘commentors’. Well, they are commenting, but if you know that all you are going to get from this so-and-so person is going to be raw, unedited brain-puke, why evenbother. That’s kinda like calling Fox News a news channel or calling Bill O Reilly a newscaster!

Or maybe even calling the Times of Oman a ‘mainstream source of your daily dose of news from around the country’.

edit: Is there no other photo? I mean did the photographer have the capture this angle??





One response

28 04 2009
Mike Wrathell

Here is my “Bow’Bama.” I am an artist from Michigan and do political lampoons among other topics, as the Muses guide me.


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