Hello World!

5 04 2009

I know how to change the post title, really, I do. I even know how to spull spell. But I kinda like the title “Hello World”. Brings back memories. Computer labs, rows upon rows of yellowed PCs with the world’s slowest installation of W2K. Always thinking of ways to run Quake that we hid last time in the “\\admin\tools\system\software\antivirus” folder, thinking that it was the coolest place to hide stuff. And always being forced to start the Turbo C++ compiler and start typing away. And then realizing this was fund and forgetting all about Quake. Then again remembering it after the class ended & making plans for next time! 🙂 hehhe!

Hello World! Two words that anyone could say. The first blog-post. The first code-output. The first scream of a tiny-tot emerging from gooey wetness. Umm.. okay, maybe not that! But who knows.

Random meaningless posts? Atleast I’m populating the blog while the enthusiasm is high! 🙂





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